Heather Gordon : KIN at The Carrack

The Carrack (2015)
August 4 – August 15, 2015
Opening – August 7 from 6-9p
Artist talk – August 13 at 7p
dance segments from “The Value of Words #15/5”,
a collaborative project with Justin Tornow and COMPANY
August 8 &  August 15 at 7-9p

Our lives exist in the company of others, within places, through the elasticity of time. I see my experiences as numbers, coordinates, durational moments, all set in soft relation, tucked into matrices, and mapping the shape of my life.

KIN is my exploration of these unfolding connections through paint, drawing, installation and performance.


Time lapse video of the installation of “Her Waveform”, a mapping of places that feel like home. 1″ black masking tape, 11′ x 27′.

Gallery talk with Heather Gordon during her solo show, KIN, at The Carrack in Durham, NC. Aug 13, 2015.

KIN performance at The Carrack, a collaboration between Justin Tornow and Heather Gordon
Creative collaborators, Justin Tornow (left) and Amy Blakely, preparing for the performance of “The Value of Words #15/5”

KIN installation view, Heather Gordon, The Carrack
KIN installation view with floor tape map, envelope statement pedestals, and How To Fold My Heart : water for my father

Her Waveform, KIN, Heather Gordon, The Carrack
Her Waveform, 1″ black masking tape installation, 11′ x 27′

Heather Gordon, Dynamics of a Binary System : Parts A & B, The Carrack, KIN exhibition
Dynamics of a Binary System : Parts A and B, black electrical tape on semi-transparent styrene, 54″ w x 96″h. This is a two-sided piece. The moire pattern is an effect of the back facing pattern being partially visible through the front view.

Last Woman Standing, 84″ x 84″, oil on loose canvas

Water for My Father, 84″ x 84″, oil on loose canvas

Her Permafrost Nature, 84″ x 84″, oil on loose canvas

Our Fused Love, 84″ x 84″, oil on loose canvas