Waterworks Visual Arts Center, Sailsbury, NC (Sep 2016 – Feb 2017)

“Some Shifting and Some Time” represents a process of understanding, a method for teasing out the relationships between macrocosm and microcosm, and the relinquishing of prior means of knowledge of the self through a mapping of phenomena found in nature and the internal workings of the mind, spirit, and heart.

There is a sense that I’ve gone back to the drawing board, as all the objects in this show are drawings produced with simple tools and media including compass and rule, ink, graphite, and flat, white surfaces. All of these drawings are mappings describing the complex emotional flights of the human heart, the patterns in nature driven by gravity and motion, and the internally created cognitive structures we devise in an attempt to understand our shifting environments.

Each work starts with a numerically derived origami map of personal data including dates, time durations, geographic locations, and words and is realized through what I recognize as my ductus. This time-based performative quality has emerged by actuating my metrically arranged visual language as voice and is my best method for creating forms through time. This ductus is the efficient mental and emotional pathway I use to unfold the sophisticated and elusive movements of my life and the changing environments in which we all live and love.

Four works were completed for this exhibition and installed edge to edge in opposite corners of the gallery.
Thunderhead, 3′ h x 10′ w, graphite and colored pencil on Yupo
Phantom Islands, 3′ h x 20′ w, graphite on Yupo
Chrysalis, 3′ h x 10′ w, colored pencil and graphite on Yupo
The Yellow Emperor, 3′ h x 30′ w, graphite on Yupo

detail of Phantom Islands (2016), 3′ x 30′, graphite on Yupo


detail of Chrysalis (2016), 3′ x 10′, colored pencil and graphite on Yupo


Warren Hicks installing Phantom Islands


detail of the origami design used to create these works


detail of Phantom Islands (2016), 3′ x 30′, graphite on Yupo