Puppet Strings Purse Strings
Puppet Strings Purse Strings (detail), ink on ECG paper, 8.5″ x 99″

Each of these works compares, both visually and numerically, three content sources surrounding a controversial topic. The source material is presented as 7-bit binary, and plotted in ink on ECG paper, column by column, along with a numeric equivalent.

In looking at a variety of information for these works, what intrigues me is what is included and what is absent in the source text. The meaning of a message is manufactured by the focused and crafted nature of bias allowing us to attach specific value to what is visible. In Duchampian fashion, I include a numeric running total on each ECG panel with a grand total at the far end of each body of content so as to tally the winner of each argument which is the subject of the work.


tragedy of the commons