character profile at root division@ROOT DIVISION

New Works in Language, Text, & Wordplay
Curated by Jon Fischer
Second Saturday Reception: Saturday, July 13, 7-10 pm

Featuring a solo performance by violinist-vocalist Dina Maccabee and CREATIVE STATION, free all-ages art activities in our Studio 2 Classroom

Exhibition Dates: July 10-27, 2013
Gallery Hours: Wednesday- Saturday, 2–6 pm (or by appointment)

Root Division presents Character Profile, a group exhibition featuring projects that explore intersections between the forms, mechanisms and meanings of language.   Featuring a group of twenty-six artists including visual artists, writers, and craftspeople, Character Profile investigates novel functions of language through collaboration and a broad range of materials, media and approaches.

The artists in Character Profile present language as both a medium and a subject, and deftly maneuver words to both convey and critique meaning. Many works are interactive and dedicated to a spirit of engagement and play. The exhibition highlights art designed for direct interaction with visitors and work that provokes expanded meanings and alternative associations
of language and test.

Amy Ahlstrom
Kirkman Amyx
Erin Bregman
Lanell Dike
Arash Fayez
Jon Fischer
Jonathan Frey
Heather Gordon
Jon Gourley
Benjamin Hill
Clint Imboden
Mike Kimball
Helen Lee
Yuki Maruyama
John Patrick McKenzie
Janice Miyagi
Trevor Parham
Meryl Pataky
Kyle Peets
Kristin Roeder