The Handshake Project invites people to submit video clips of themselves engaged in a handshake. The resulting video will be a compilation of the community handshake responses.

A handshake is an agreement.
A handshake is both a greeting and a farewell.
A handshake is weapons-free.

What does a handshake mean to you?

If you’d like to be a part of the Handshake Project, upload your video file to your favorite cloud and send me a link by email to Please include a list of the names of all people whose hands are part of your handshake submission.


  • Frame your arms and hands only
  • Use a white background like a blank white wall or a white bedsheet
  • Shoot outdoors on an overcast day
  • Turn on your video, do as many handshakes as you enjoy, then send me the full unedited clip.

The Handshake Project will be part of the upcoming SHIFT HAPPENS exhibition by Heather Gordon at the GreenHill Center for North Carolina Art. Visitors to the show (Mar 12-Jun 26, 2021) will be able to video their handshake in the gallery for inclusion in the project. Please visit the GreenHill website to plan your visit.