No 15 at UGA-Cortona

Going through some older correspondence, I found today some notes to COMPANY dancers concerning this upcoming performance of No.15 / The Value of Words at UGA-Cortona in July 2015. It’s now 2018 and Justin and I are still working with similar methods using chance, gameplay, mathematics, and language. The following is a transcript from Justin’s email dated August 5, 2015:

Performances 8/8 and 8/15:
You guys, the floor looks incredible. This is going to be so fun, I can’t wait to see you all dancing in there.
I’ve sketched out some of the ideas that HG and I discussed yesterday– if you have more ideas, pass them on! I’m open. Basically, excited to make the choices in between each section, so that the whole thing unfolds in public. Lots of choices will be left up to you too, as usual.
I have the costume tops, but will need you guys to bring your black pants and make sure you’ve got your hair situation under control. Minimal makeup.

The general plan:

8/8- No Sam.

Call: 5:30pm (AB, after work)
Performance starts loosely at 7pm.
Separate sections planned:
Emily (Key)
Emily/Amy improv
Emily/Austin improv
Group improv
Chafe spots
Austin/Amy solos combined
*maybe JCT solo, TBD until Friday.
*maybe JCT as Alex on Grid, TBD until Friday
Before each segment, I’ll use chance to determine:
– what section(s) will perform
– orientation/facing (I’m #ing some of the walls, so it will be similar to mirror/street decisions from Italy)
New idea: throughout, we can also roll combos with dice, to get at least 2 sections going at once– then try them out and see what happens. So some sections will be repeated, but in a new combo and possibly with a new facing.

After each “decision,” I’ll write it on a big white-board so that people can see– and then there will be a record of the sequence.

The score (a playlist) will run on shuffle for the entire time, so I won’t stop the music until the performance is complete.

8/15- all

Call: 5:30pm

All sections will be in play for this performance, and we’ll probably approach it similarly with chance, but possibly adding in a Perquackey element. We may do less of the combo-generation, since we will have so much material. And again, if you have any fun ideas, pass them on!

Emily (Key) + Sam solo
Sam solo
Eel bows
Chafe spots
Austin vs. the Grand Canyon
Austin/Emily improv
Austin/Sam duet
Amy/Emily improv
Amy/Sam improv

Much love and excitement,